YACHATS — An Arizona woman, whose family says she has been living out of her car in Yachats for the past two years, was reported as missing since April 22 after her vehicle was found in front of the Yachats Cannabis Company.

Ronnie Deleski, 42, was reportedly living out of a blue Toyota Scion in the Yachats area since 2020 and could not be located by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies after her brother, Ed Deleski, of San Francisco, asked them to conduct a welfare check last week.

Deputies reportedly found Ronnie’s car parked askew in a lot at the Yachats Cannabis Co. and were told it had been there since April 21 when Ronnie was seen pushing it into the parking space.

Ronnie was last seen wearing a dark blue jacket with a tan collar, a black sweatshirt, a black beanie with a cannabis leaf logo, light colored pants and black shoes. She has brown eyes and brown hair which goes down to the middle of her back. 

Security footage from April 22 shows Ronnie walking north with a red backpack and sleeping bag on her back. Deputies are uncertain where she may have traveled from there and said Tuesday they had not begun a formal search because they had few leads on where to start looking. A spokesperson for the office said they can do little more than flag her as a missing person and keep their eyes out for the time being, but will reevaluate the situation within a few weeks.

“In this scenario, other than her car as a starting place, we have no area where we can start a search,“ Lt. Carl Vertner told News-Times staff Tuesday. “She has been entered as a missing person, so if any member of law enforcement contacts her that should come up.”

“We don’t know under what pretense she may have been missing, either, whether that was on her own accord or someone else’s. She could have gone hiking up or down Highway 101, to the west or east, there’s no way for us to know where,” Vertner continued. “According to reports from her family, this type of activity is not uncommon due to her prior mental health.”

Her brother told News-Times staff in an email Monday that Ronnie has been struggling with mental illness since 2019, when she was hospitalized in Arizona and diagnosed with schizophrenia, and was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He said she also suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder that she managed with routine and that her mental state had become more erratic over the last few years. When they last spoke, Ronnie told Ed she had been “camping” in Yachats and prior to that she had been staying with Ed in San Francisco.

After hearing she could not be located, Ed traveled to Yachats to search for her. He said he received several tips, including that she had been seen at Circle K in Newport after April 21 and may have been seen in Newport and Waldport earlier this week.

Those with more information about Ronnie’s whereabouts can contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 541-265-0777 and refer to case 22S-00644 or contact Ed directly at 415-350-9083 or at edeleski@gmail.com

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