Samaritan Health Services expects to reopen its Newport dialysis clinic under a new provider next month.

Dialysis patients of the former Fresenius clinic in Newport have had to travel elsewhere since October as a new provider prepared to take over. Dialysis is a treatment for people with end-stage kidney disease, in which they spend three to five hours, three days a week connected to a hemodialysis machine that filters toxins, waste and fluids from the body.

Samaritan officials said the Newport clinic began transitioning to a new outpatient dialysis service provider, DaVita, on Oct. 1.

“Patients and clinicians were notified of this change and were provided information about local dialysis options, including DaVita Dialysis in Lincoln City, pending the reopening of the Newport clinic at 957 SW Coast Highway,” Samaritan said in a statement.

While closed to patients, the facility underwent improvements, and new dialysis equipment was installed.

“The state conducted a survey of the clinic Dec. 20, which yielded no deficiencies, giving Samaritan and DaVita the ‘green light’ to begin seeing the first patient in the newly refurbished facility on Monday, Jan. 3. Accreditation by the National Dialysis Accreditation Commission should follow soon after, and then the clinic will become fully operational, perhaps by the following week.”

Samaritan said the DaVita center in Lincoln City offered extra shifts, and that transportation was provided for patients as needed.

“We understand how critically important it is for patients with end-stage kidney disease to have access to convenient, quality and reliable dialysis care,” Jane Russell, Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital chief operations officer, said. “Dialysis is a time-intensive procedure, not only for the time spent receiving dialysis but also the time driving to and from the treatment center. We believe this new partnership with DaVita will provide an improved experience for patients in our area who require dialysis.”

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