Passersby noticed a car at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment on North Beaver Creek Road Friday afternoon, Oct. 1, but when emergency responders arrived to investigate and attempt a rescue, no driver was found. It was later learned the driver walked away from the crash and received a ride home the previous night.

The wreck was first reported at about 5 p.m. Friday, and emergency responders from Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue, Seal Rock Fire District, Pacific West Ambulance and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the scene.

After some difficulty finding the location, sheriff’s office deputies were the first to arrive at the scene, which was about six miles east of Highway 101. After finding the vehicle at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment, the deputies requested the county rope rescue team and LifeFlight, but canceled the call once they found the vehicle was unoccupied.

According to a Facebook comment by Connor Brooks, a Toledo resident, on an Information Station post reporting the scanner feed of the crash, the car belonged to Brooks, and he wrecked it around 8:15 p.m. the night prior. Brooks wrote that he had been driving too fast and had taken a sharp turn when he lost control of the car and crashed. Brooks added that while hurt, he was still able to walk away from the crash and walked two hours before getting back into cell service range and calling for a ride home.

Brooks wrote that he didn’t report the incident because he was hurt from the crash and sore from the walk and “the last thing on my mind was reporting it.” Once he found out that authorities were investigating the crash, he reached out to file a report and apologized for not doing so sooner. 

Brooks could not be reached by News-Times staff for further comment.

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