TOLEDO — A Portland man attempting to force a woman to drive him from Newport to Portland at gunpoint was arrested early Saturday morning after a traffic stop turned into an armed standoff with a Toledo Police Department officer, ending with the man’s surrender and arrest.

Kyler Ream, 47, is currently lodged in the Lincoln County Jail on multiple charges related to kidnapping and threatening people with a firearm.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed on Sept. 7, the incident began when a Toledo police officer pulled over a white BMW at the Toledo Dairy Queen for multiple traffic violations witnessed on Highway 20 and Highway 229 at around 12:36 a.m.

The officer asked the woman, who was driving, to exit the vehicle and to give him her ID. He saw Ream sitting in the passenger seat without a seatbelt on and asked for his ID as well. The woman provided the officer with both IDs, saying she was Ream’s “caretaker.”

During that interaction, the officer noted the woman seemed to have watery bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and smelled like alcohol, according to the affidavit.

The officer asked the woman to exit the vehicle so that he could conduct a field sobriety test, which she agreed to do, and the two proceeded to the trunk of the vehicle.

As the officer was asking the woman questions, Ream began yelling and beating on things in the vehicle. He then exited from the passenger side and brandished a handgun, pointing it at the officer.

The officer drew his own weapon and quickly retreated to behind his patrol car for cover, expecting to be shot at while doing so. Ream did not fire, however, as the officer looked out from behind his patrol car to see Ream still holding the weapon, but not pointing it in anyone’s direction.

The officer began ordering Ream to put down the gun, while the woman stood between the two trying to convince Ream to stand down. Eventually, Ream complied and set the weapon on the roof of the BMW.

The officer then ordered Ream to back up and get on the ground, to which Ream complied. He then ordered the woman to do the same, and she also complied.

The officer repeatedly tried to calm Ream while waiting for backup, but at one point Ream began to scream and attempted to get up before once again being calmed by the woman, who moved toward him on the ground and began patting him on the back.

Deputies with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office arrived to assist, and the Toledo officer joined them in taking Ream into custody without further incident. 

The woman was also detained, with officers interviewing her as they arranged for Ream to be taken to the hospital.

While being questioned, the affidavit states the woman told officers that the gun Ream had brandished belonged to her, and at some point during their visit to Newport, he had “reached underneath her leg” to take it. 

As the two were heading to his sister’s house in Toledo, Ream pulled out the weapon and pointed it at her, ordering her to take him to Portland because he had just gotten paid. She said she complied, fearing for her life.

She later convinced Ream to allow her to pull over at Dairy Queen by telling him she needed to use the bathroom and was relieved when she saw the officer approaching them, but noted Ream became agitated and he said the officer was going to hurt her.

According to the affidavit, the woman told the officer that Ream’s attempt to get off the ground was so that he could grab the weapon again and fire at the officer. She said she believed Ream was attempting to commit “suicide by cop,” and she said he would have fired at the officer had she not intervened.

The woman also told officers that she had known Ream since they were both 13 and that he was addicted to methadone and heroin. She said she had only agreed to take him to Portland because her life was threatened and she suspected Ream wanted to go there because he had recently been paid and wanted to purchase narcotics.

Ream is charged with kidnapping in the second degree, coercion, unlawful use of a weapon, pointing a firearm at another, menacing, recklessly engendering another person and interfering with a police officer. A hearing of probable cause is scheduled in Lincoln County Circuit Court on Sept. 14.

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