Six Washington state residents scheduled to go to trial at the end of the month on charges stemming from an incident July 4, 2020 on a Lincoln City beach will be tried in groups no greater than two on now-undetermined dates.

In a Nov. 3 email, Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge Amanda Benjamin notified defense counsel for Anatoliy Kachankov, Gennadiy Kachankov, Yuriy Kachankov, Andrey Zaytsev, Andrey Leonchik and Oleg Saranchuk that there was no way the court could hold a trial for all six men together beginning Nov. 30, as was preliminarily scheduled. She asked attorneys to provide their availability through March 2022 and estimated time needed to present their case for discussion at a Nov. 15 trial readiness hearing.

A seventh defendant, Ruslan Tkachenko, did not appear at the August 2020 arraignment, in which the others pleaded not guilty, or for subsequent hearings, and there is an active bench warrant for his arrest.

All seven men are charged with one Class C felony count of rioting and multiple misdemeanor charges related to the incident on Independence Day last year, in which they allegedly used illegal fireworks, squared off with police and harassed a Black family on the beach near the Inn at Spanish Head with racist language and gestures. The police report of the incident made national headlines.

Responding on behalf of defense counsel, attorney Chris McCormack told the judge they would need to schedule trial dates for no earlier than April. He said attorneys also agreed that “a judicial settlement conference may prove useful.”

No new trial dates were set following the readiness hearing Nov. 15, but a settlement conference for all six defendants has been scheduled for Dec. 20. The outcome of that settlement conference, a closed proceeding, would presumably decide whether trial dates are needed.

The Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office filed notice in July 2020 of its intent to seek enhancement factors upon sentencing should the men be found guilty based on multiple factors, including alleged motivation by bias.

The group was a rowdy presence when last in court, during their August 2020 arraignment hearing. Gennadiy Kachankov seemed to suggest the group planned litigation against the county over their arrest.

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