Let’s talk about two foods with some serious super immune boosting health benefits. First, pine needles. Pine needle tea has been an important medicinal tool for indigenous cultures for thousands of years, strengthening natural immune systems, preventing respiratory infections, avoiding chronic disease, increasing cognitive performance, strengthening heart health, and speeding healing.

Pine needle tea is one of the most potent anti-oxidant providers on the planet. It’s all natural and it’s free.

Now let’s combine the super immune boosting properties of pine needle tea with one of the most well known super foods, honey. Honey has also been widely used for thousands of years for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It’s been known to heal wounds, aids in digestive issues, relieves coughs and sore throats and is also a great source of antioxidants.

I was recently able to chat with my new friend Jeffrey Warren from JW Merc or as many of us locals know him, the bee guy off Highway 101 at Baymart, about all things bees and raw honey. Jeffrey was kind enough to take the time to answer some of the most common honey-related questions for me to help spread the word on just how magnificent honey truly is. First, what exactly is raw honey? Jeffrey told me that raw honey is honey made entirely by bees, no additives and not heated above 115 degrees to preserve the living enzymes where the health benefits lie. He suggested using it as a sugar substitute in baking, beverage sweetening or even in stir fry! He mentioned that keeping it in its raw form is definitely the best way to consume honey to preserve all of its natural health benefits. Jeffrey mentioned other uses for raw honey include wound treatment, to be taken before bed to relax the brain for sleeping and even to improve one's facial complexion!

JW Merc offers a wide variety of honeys and will make every effort to help his customers make the most appropriate raw honey choice for themselves or as a gift. JW Merc also offers shipping and deliveries within a reasonable distance of the highway along the Yachats South Beach corridor and “boothside” pickup orders too.

Contact Jeff anytime via text to his mobile phone (208-424-0042) or send personal messages through the JW Merc Facebook page to place your local raw honey orders.

The “pop-up” booth schedule is announced weekly on the Facebook page, so it makes sense to give it a “like” so as to keep up on all the latest goings-on!

So, it’s as easy as sipping on a delicious cup of tea to get your daily dose of immune-boosting, natural health properties that just so happen to taste incredible too.

Pine Needle Tea

2 tablespoons fresh pine needles

1 cup boiled, hot water

Raw honey to taste.

Remove the fresh, unblemished pine needles from the pine branches. Rinse the needles in cold water.

Using herb scissors or a sharp knife, cut the pine needles into smaller pieces.  Discard the brown scale that joins the needles to the brand.

Place the pine needles in a tea strainer. Place the tea strainer in a mug. Pour boiled water into the mug, over the pine needles. Cover to inhibit the volatile oil from escaping in the steam.  Steep for five minutes.

Remove the strainer from the mug. Add raw honey to sweeten the pine needle tea and boost its natural healing properties.

Drink while warm.


Always do your own research before foraging for anything in the wild.

*Pine Needle tea is not recommend for pregnant or nursing mothers.

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