Recently, my mom and I made a trip into Newport for groceries. I needed the usual — milk, bread, veggies, etc. — and she was shopping for something to make for dinner for a friend (a male friend, this detail has absolutely no relevance to this story, it’s just adorable).

As we walked through the store, she said to me, “I wish there was somewhere I could find recipe ideas.” Naturally I assumed she was kidding because, hello, that’s quite literally what I do. I have countless recipes published and far more recipes available for just about anything she might want to make. But it took less than a second for me to realize that she was in fact not joking at all. I sarcastically said, “Gosh, yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to know someone who develops and publishes weekly recipes in the News-Times newspaper.” She responded by saying she doesn’t make my recipes because “they’re too complicated and dirty too many dishes.”

Quick backstory: I was raised on convenience foods — Top Ramen, Totino’s Pizza and TV dinners — and my health and weight struggled because of it. So when I was finally old enough to teach myself how to cook, I began learning anything and everything I could about food and how to prepare it. Everything from the purpose those vital nutrients found in real, natural foods serve for our overall health and wellness, to the horrific toxic ingredients found in convenience foods and what negative impact they have on our physical and mental wellbeing.


Being mindful of what we put into our bodies is absolutely essential to our overall health and wellness.

So my mom is right, my recipes at times can be more complicated than popping a plastic container in the microwave, but real food can sometimes require a little more care and attention than those “foods” made in a factory. However, sometimes it doesn’t. Not all healthy food needs to be complicated. Salmon is jam-packed with some serious nutrients just about any way you cook it! So I developed this super easy Salmon Satay recipe with my mom in mind. Real food with real nutrients, tons of flavor and hardly any effort.

Salmon Satay


1 pound salmon, cut into bite-sized pieces

1/2 teaspoon Johnny’s Seasoning Salt

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon paprika

1/2 tablespoon olive oil

8-ounce jar Thai Kitchen peanut satay sauce

Chopped peanuts, cilantro and crushed red pepper flakes for topping.


In a small bowl, mix Johnny’s Seasoning Salt, garlic powder and paprika.

Carefully thread salmon onto skewers, season with Johnny’s mixture.

Heat oil in a skillet on medium heat. Sear salmon about 1-2 minutes per side.

Drizzle warmed peanut satay sauce (I warm mine in a saucepan on low heat) over salmon skewers, top with peanuts, cilantro and red pepper flakes.

Serve with a side of jasmine rice.

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