This past Saturday, I made a trip to Portland for my little sister Lydia’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding held right in the heart of Southeast Portland in a historic venue that was once used as the meeting hall for the Organization Of Oddfellows back in the 1900s. Having the opportunity to watch my beautiful sister walk down the aisle and visit with old friends and family, some of which I haven’t seen in over 30 years, was truly wonderful. There was small talk of how our lives have transformed over the years since we last saw one another, leading to the present day. And within those conversations there was one question I was asked over and over again — “What’s it like living at the beach?” And those of us who call the coast home know all too well the answer to this question — it’s simply amazing.

In an attempt to describe life on the coast, I compared it to a real life Hallmark movie. Imagine if you will, the setting takes place in a big city, horns are honking, nature is choked out by paved streets and tall buildings, and you find yourself working your days away missing the very best of life’s moments in an attempt to keep up with those around you who are doing the same. A never ending and always evolving race to the top. But then an opportunity leads you to a small coastal town where the sound of honking horns have been replaced by the cheerful song of seagulls. Your commute no longer consists of a never-ending stretch of concrete but is replaced by breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. And the only bragging rights that matter here are days spent with the ones we love most, reeling in a keeper, finding that perfect hiking trail, or just about any activity with our toes in the sand. And just like any good Hallmark movie, the picturesque, sleepy town filled with joyful people that you can’t help but fall in love with wins every time.

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