Before moving to the Oregon coast, I didn’t own much in the way of sports gear for the water. No Grundens, no Xtratufs, no salmon rods, no crab pots and not even a Crack’n Crab Cleaner. But thanks to Englund Marine and Industrial Supply store (located at 880 SE Bay Blvd., Newport) that all changed. Not only am I now all set for any occasion out on the water, I’ve actually had the incredible opportunity to develop friendships with many of the Englund Marine vendors themselves.

That’s one of about a million reasons why living here on the coast is so special — many of us here share the same love and passion for the water, therefore the opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships is practically endless. And I absolutely cherish every friendship I’ve made so far, especially with Tony Thiessen and Eugene Calkins, from Crack’n Crab Cleaner. If you haven’t used the Crack’n Crab Cleaner yet, I absolutely suggest giving it a try. Not only does it quickly and easily clean your crab without any meat-loss, resulting in a cleaner tasting crab, but it also reduces the risk of ingesting domoic acid from the crab itself. (Learn more about it at

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