This was a recipe used by my maternal grandmother, Ruby May Burr (mother of 16). She used homemade mayonnaise, but Best Foods is the closest to that family salad flavor.

Potato Salad



1 cup sweet onion

1 cup celery

1 cup sweet pickles

1 cup dill pickles

Combine in a large bowl, then add:

5 pounds potatoes, cut in large chunks and boiled to just cooked though and still hot!

8 to 12 eggs, peeled and diced in larger chunks

1 tablespoon salt (or more to taste)

1/2 tablespoon pepper (or more to taste)

3 cups mayo (I use Best Foods/Hellmans)

2 tablespoons yellow mustard


This should be hot with the potatoes, using gloves is recommended. Mix well, correct seasoning and serve.

5 Moms Fried Chicken

I know that everyone’s mom makes the best fried chicken, however, this is a compilation of five mothers — Great Grandma Beulah Kutzner, my mother Tamie Dixon, mother-in-law Eveyln McEntee, and Aunt Mary Burr (daughter-in-law to Ruby Burr) — amazing cooks all! I added my own touch — 5 Moms Fried Chicken.


3 cut up chickens

Large Ziplock 1/2 filled with flour and a liberal addition of salt and pepper — you can’t over do this part!

8-10 eggs, beaten

1 1/2 cup milk

1/2 large bottle of Franks Hot Sauce


Coat chicken with the egg mixture and then shake in the flour bag.

Place chicken in the hot vegetable oil (I use Crisco and rendered bacon fat), making sure the oil is deep enough to reach half up the sides of the chicken.

Frying at 375 to brown really well and crispy.

Remove crispy chicken and place on a broiler pan with a rack, to drain, and put in 325 degree oven.

Keep frying and moving chicken to the oven, cooking the largest pieces first and wings last.

I try to keep the chicken from being piled up or getting to close to each piece to keep the crispy coating from getting mushy.

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