Oregonians demonstrated that a clean and healthy environment is a top priority during SOLVE’s Earth Day volunteer event, the Oregon Spring Cleanup, presented by Portland General Electric.

On Saturday, April 17, a reported 2,471 volunteers took to the outdoors, improving the environment through litter cleanups, beach cleanups, invasive plant species removal events and native tree and shrub plantings.  

This was truly a statewide effort, with volunteer projects happening from Astoria to Bandon and Medford to Pendleton. In one day, more than 22,256 pounds of trash were collected and 8,810 square feet of invasive species were removed by SOLVE volunteers. While most projects occurred on April 17, some Oregon Spring Cleanup projects occurred the weekend before and will continue this week through Earth Day and into the weekend. With dozens of more projects in the near future, SOLVE expects to add a significant amount to their total amount of trash collected and volunteers engaged.

The success of the Oregon Spring Cleanup adds to SOLVE’s long-standing history of supporting springtime volunteer events.  

The first Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup was held in 1986, and the first SOLVE IT for Earth Day event was held in 1990. Together, these two events have helped remove more than 17 million pounds of litter and debris from Oregon’s urban and natural landscapes. This year, the momentum continued, and these two legacy events were combined into one for the first time, debuting as the Oregon Spring Cleanup.

SOLVE supported dozens of coastal cleanups. Waldport hosted a beach cleanup that brought nearly 100 volunteers together at Governor Patterson Memorial Park. Residents from Waldport and the surrounding area pitched in and collected more than 400 pounds of marine debris and litter.   

Every volunteer who participated has shown that Oregonians care about their state’s environment and are willing to put in the work to keep it clean, healthy, and beautiful.


SOLVE is a statewide nonprofit organization that brings Oregonians together to improve the environment and build a legacy of stewardship. Since 1969, the organization has grown from a small, grassroots group to a national model of volunteer action. Today, SOLVE mobilizes tens of thousands of volunteers of all ages across Oregon to clean and restore neighborhoods and natural areas, and to build a legacy of stewardship for our state. Visit solveoregon.org for more information.

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