Author Cathy Wetten, of Toledo, who writes under the pseudonym Charli West, recently released the second book in her NW Wind Series.

Author Cathy Wetten, of Toledo, who writes under the pseudonym Charli West, recently released the second book in her NW Wind Series. The first book in the series, titled “Catch the Wind,” came out in May 2020. This newest book is titled “Dance Within the Wind.”

According to the author, the NW Wind Series encompasses the settling of the Pacific Northwest, especially the Oregon country. The rich resources and free land drew settlers by the thousands, but they also died by the thousands along the way. The dangers were many and varied, ranging from disease, exhaustion, river crossings, traversing mountains, bad weather, snake bites, inexperience, almost zero medical knowledge and wild animals.

Against that background, Wetten, writing as Charli West, details a rich cast of characters on the quest for a new life — for land, for love and for a future. They are a group of people who met challenges head on with determination, fortitude and hope.

The stories within this series overlap and intertwine with characters and dates. However, each book is a standalone and can be read without cliffhangers. The author hopes that people will pick these books up, sit down to relax and make some great new friends. “They surely want to meet you,” she said.

This latest book is available online through Amazon, or people can get a signed copy by contacting the author directly at

The third book in this series, titled “Music in the Wind,” is scheduled for release this fall.

Excerpt from “Dance Within the Wind: Book Two of the NW Wind Series”

A dying old man. A promise given. An unwanted wife.

Sadie has spent her entire life around logging camps, safely hidden in plain sight and finding a small measure of freedom and solace with her horse, Dancer. She always keeps her distance from the rough loggers until Jad Alenson arrives on the scene. He is different, with a quick sense of humor, friendly nature, and takes pride in being a man who keeps his promises. She knows exactly what kind of woman he wants, and unfortunately, she doesn’t fit the criteria.

But with two words Jad seals their lives together, starting a series of events that will either help them build a life together or tear them apart. They will both discover who they really are inside where it counts the most and what’s most important to them.

Together they head for home and must traverse the wilds of 1846 Washington and Oregon and all the dangers that involves. But the most dangerous thing of all could be not seeing what is right in front of you until you almost lose it.

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