Students beginning or continuing their collegiate careers in the fall of 2021 didn’t know just what to expect. The term meant a return to campus for live, in-person instruction for many courses, while others were offered in hybrid, live online, or other modalities.

Uncertainty hasn’t stood in the way of these OCCC Sharks. To the contrary, they have proven adept at juggling the ongoing and unpredictable work and day care challenges wrought by the pandemic, while maintaining a focus on their coursework. The entire staff and faculty of Oregon Coast Community College salute these students — the recipients of the College’s Honor Roll, Dean’s List, and President’s List for Fall 2021.

To be eligible, students must have completed a minimum of six graded credits during the term and have met the GPA requirements for the given level of honors.

Honors List, 3.25-3.49 grade point-average: Emma D. Beckwith, Hallee K. Flatt, Kieren A. Kangiser, Abigail G. Krupar, Joshua R. McAvoy, Lydia Pearce, Monserrat Pena-Hernandez, Jerry A. Sneed and Jennifer Y. Walsh.

Dean’s List, 3.5-3.74 grade-point average: Tessa Adamson, Hailey R. Baker, Nicholas Belleque, Sara E. Birman, John R. Bucholz, Cristeresa Camacho Ponciano, Emilee J. Carpenter, Leah Carpenter, Jennifer P. Castro, Nico Cavezza, Lia Clark, Julia P. Clemens, Susan F. Cochran, Sarah E. Colton, Rayanne L. Damrow, Jessica A. Eubank, Mahala E. Fisher, Steven P. Frank, Dariana Fuentes Reyes, Jennifer N. Gaskill, Jennifer I. Gomez, Megan C. Grugett, Zanielle E. Hudson, Riley C. Johnson, Kaylee Kappus, Jamie D. Martinson, Avery Nightingale, Hope T. Poet, Estella C. Prince, Tyler E. Robertson, Maleah K. Smith, Nicholas J. Spangler, Jennifer S. Stevenson, Caleb J. Williams, Zachary J. Williams and Brenn W. Woodman.

President’s List, 3.75-4.0 grade-point average: Jessie Anders, Christian Anderson, Kira Anderson, Mason A. Anderson, Diana Ayllin Baltazar Gonzalez, DeeAnne R. Barnhart, Jessica J. Beehner, Larenda J. Bennett, Bridgette Bevins, Chyanna G. Blackburn, Shannon J. Blackburn, Allene N. Brennan, Tayana R. Brown, James Brummett, Kasiah Buck, Michelle L. Cottrell, Jo A. Davey, Cortney M. Delohery, Elizabeth Emmett, Rebekah E. Fink, Sally M. Flatt, Timothy N. Florez Jr., Courtland R. Garrett, Tyson A. Gaylor, Olivia C. Gomez, Nichole R. Greiner, Lillian I. Gustafson, Tammy K. Harris, Francisco E. Hernandez Perales, Jesus N. Hernandez, Morgan Hinds, Nicole L. Hite, Ashlee L. Johnson, Jordana S. Johnson, Tiffany A. Kinser, Katie Kirk-Brown, Ekaterina Kyte, Coral A. Lehrman, Michael Lewis, Robin L. Macias, Kamryn L. Mahlberg, Kelsey N. Maida, Leta L. Main, Paige E. Mashman, Jenna M. Mays, Tayler L. McAlpine, Liam J. McConnell, Leslie Y. Melo Lira, Cesar D. Mendoza Ramirez, Delayna M. O’Daniels, Erin L. O’Malley, Chloe S. Oyala, Jennifer Margarette Parker, Robyn C. Parrish, Travis E. Payne, Julia Portaro, Francisco Ramos, Jennifer Rogge, Spencer J. Romero-Smith, Mary K. Schwarz, Sidney A. Setiawan, Tatiyanna J. Shroyer, Tamara M. Sibley, Lindsay N. Silvia, Jessica M. Smith, Franklin J. Strength, Tristan A. Sudborough, Caleb R. Sutton, Brooke A. Thomas, McKenzie R. Thomas, Samantha R. Valentine, Jennifer A. Walker, Kari A. Wallace, Jade Weber, Kimberly M. Wilcox, Connor T. Willeford and Harmony Zelinka.

The winter term began on Jan. 10. Learn more and discover the full range of degree and certificate programs available at Oregon Coast Community College at Follow OCCC on Facebook and Instagram, @occcsharks. Or call the college at 541-867-8501.

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