When the history of the pandemic of 2020-21 is written, chapters will be devoted to the students who found themselves in the middle of it. These will include college students, who found modalities shifting and changing as conditions and regulations changed around them. The fact that so many students persevered and not only survived the challenges, but did so while performing at exceptional levels of academic performance, is remarkable.

As Oregon Coast Community College prepares a return to “normalcy” with a largely on-campus, lively, in-person fall term, it once again tips its cap to the students who stuck it out in the academic year just ended, despite the uncertainty and difficulty that defined the year.

The Oregon Coast Community College family is honored to announce the recipients of the college’s Honor Roll, Dean’s List and President’s List for Spring 2021.

To be eligible, students must have completed a minimum of six graded credits during the term, and have met the GPA requirements for the given level of honors.

Honor Roll: 3.25-3.49 grade point average: Barbara Culbertson, Shaneon Dinwoodie, Catherine Forney, Ashley Rodriguez, Maclain Taunton and Jason Velazquez.

Dean’s List: 3.5-3.74 grade point average:

Tessa Adamson, Jessie Anders, DeeAnne Barnhart, Madison Berry, Shannon Blackburn, Allene Brennan, Heather Bridges, Tanaya Brown, Alina Clement, Rayanne Damrow, Gabrielle Denison, Natalie Dove, Hope-Noel Erickson, Isaias Estrada Cornejo, Jessica Eubank, Kimberly Fizznoglia, Jessica Flores Martinez, Harmony George, Colin Hale, Jordana Johnson, Kaylee Kappus, William Kunde, Amy Lewis, Jessica Maldonado, Rachel Martino, Alina Mason, Liliana Munoz Valladolid, Keely Nguyen, Elva Noriega, Avarie Owens, Hallie Parker, Jennifer Margarette Parker, Eric Power, Yeliel Rinehart, Tanya Russell, Justin Salisbury, Mariah Sandoz, Alair Sjostrom, Ahndrea Sousa, Tiffany Stewart, Joy Thayer, Cameron Vasquez, Isabella Vick, Kari Wallace, Brenn Woodman, Mindy Wyles and Anali Yanez.

President’s List: 3.75-4.0 grade point average: Calica Ali, Hailey Baker, Christina Baskett, Larenda Bennett, Sara Birman, Emily Bjornsgard, Chyanna Blackburn, Seth Bodtke, Cassandra Brandt, Ashley Brust, Melissa Campana, Leah Carpenter, Julia Clemens, Elizabeth Corvi, Jo Davey, Cortney Delohery, Lea Devillier, Tabitha Drago, Megan Edgeworth, Elizabet Estrada Cornejo, Jessica Fantroy, Angelina Felix Cantua, Michelle Fortin, Katlyne Fritz, Robert Gaskins, Nichole Greiner, Tammy Harris, Jesus Hernandez, Jennifer Highland, Zanielle Hudson, Johnathon Iverson, Ashlee Johnson, Kyle Kennedy, Katie Kirk-Brown, Abigail Krupar, Rita Latta, Crystal Linenko, Joel Lorenzo, Leta Main, Jacob Martin, Jamie Martinson, Tayler McAlpine, Joshua McAvoy, Naphtali Meyer, Renee Mooney, Angel Moreno Islas, Kaci Noah, Erin Nusbaum, Monserrat Pena-Hernandez, Julia Portaro, Samantha Raines, Michael Reynolds-Bendanillo, Maggie Richie, Alejandra Rosales Cortes, Helen Scott, Tamara Sibley, Caleb Smith, Nicholas Spangler, Gage Stephensen, Franklin Strength, Tehya Tate, Jennifer Teodoro Camacho, Joselyn Trujillo Teodoro, Amelia Valentine, Jennifer Walker, Liza Walker, Emily Welch-Russell, Reece Williams, Amanda Williams, William Wood, Alexis Zuercher, Rebekah Bina and Ira Gray.

Fall term begins Sept. 27.

New students can get registered for classes, meet with an advisor, set up financial aid, and be admitted to the college, all in one visit, during the OCCC on-the-spot admissions events. The next events are set for July 27 in Newport and Aug. 17 in Lincoln City. Complete details can be found at oregoncoast.edu/visit.

Students interested in exploring the many offerings at Oregon Coast Community College are encouraged to apply (there is no obligation to attend after applying) and meet with an academic advisor to discuss the programs and subjects offered, and how they fit with each student’s own academic and career aspirations.

OCCC offers a variety of degree and certificate programs, including University Transfer Degree programs and its innovative teaching degree program, created in partnership with Western Oregon University and the Lincoln County School District.

Learn more, and discover the full range of degree and certificate programs available at Oregon Coast Community College, at oregoncoast.edu. Follow OCCC on Facebook and Instagram, @occcsharks. Or, call the college at 541-867-8501.

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