Rocky Raccoon is one of the featured characters in “Furry Loved Ones and Wildlife Friends Who Touch Our Hearts and Souls,” a new book of short stories by local author Steve Sparks.

Author Steve Sparks has written a book called “Furry Loved Ones and Wildlife Friends Who Touch Our Hearts and Souls,” which he describes as “a series of short stories with furry loved ones and wildlife friends.”

The book, geared toward readers ages 5 to 18 years old, launches today (Friday), April 30.

Sparks writes from his heart and soul, using a prose and poetry storytelling style that will make people laugh and cry at the same time. While writing about wildlife and nature in his central Oregon coast environment, he uses links, including YouTube, to tell the stories. Each story helps readers learn about wildlife and the sea near Depoe Bay and his home in Little Whale Cove. There is kindness, empathy, compassion and love in each and every story — kids and adults will enjoy reading stories together.

One of the stories included in the book features Rocky Raccoon — Rocky and his clan of Raccoon Rockettes from Radio City retired from Broadway after the election 2016. They got involved in politics, and they split up.

“Rocky Raccoon and his like minded clan retired to Little Whale Cove in the summer of 2017. Radio City fired them for making illegal contributions to various nefarious political campaigns not to be mentioned here. You know what I mean?” Sparks said. “Rocky Raccoon and his gang of bad girls ‘n boys rolled into Little Whale Cove like bandits in the night. He came into my corner of the neighborhood where, friend and neighbor, Ricky Raccoon and his family made their home, back then.”

“Furry Loved Ones and Wildlife Friends Who Touch Our Hearts and Souls” is available through Amazon and can be found at

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