Ben Spangler, left, and Jonathan Dutton, both members of the Lincoln County 4-H Anchor Point Archery Club, have qualified for the 2022 National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships.

Hard work throughout the year earned two local youths top placements at the Oregon 4-H Shooting Sports State Contest in August.

Ben Spangler, of the 4-H Anchor Point Archery Club and Lincoln County Marksmanship Club, earned medallions and champion ribbons in two separate disciplines — archery and shotgun. Jonathan Dutton, of the 4-H Anchor Point Archery Club, earned a reserve champion ribbon and medallion in archery. Both young men qualified for the 2022 National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships, held each year in Grand Island, Neb.

Only four youths plus an alternate from each state are allowed to attend the Nationals in each division, which means not all Oregon qualifiers will get to attend. Both Spangler and Dutton have secured a spot at the national event due to their top placement in their respective disciplines.

Youths have until Oct. 1 to confirm their place on the National Team, however, they can only participate in one discipline at the national level.

Due to COVID, attendance at the 2021 4-H Shooting Sports State Contest was down significantly, but those in attendance displayed a high skill level and dedication to their respective disciplines, making the competition at the event very steep. The state contest was held Aug. 30-31 in Albany. The 4-H youths must qualify each year to attend the state contest by participating in a mail-in tournament throughout the year. Youths may shoot a maximum of two disciplines at the state contest, but eight different disciplines are available as project areas: archery, shotgun, pistol, rifle, shotgun, muzzle loading, hunting skills, and western heritage.

Whether or not either of the two Lincoln County qualifiers attend the 2022 National Championships, they all agree that Oregon 4-H Shooting Sports Program has been a positive influence in their lives — not to mention a lot of fun.

For more information about the Lincoln County 4-H Program or the Oregon 4-H Shooting Sports Program, contact Lincoln County 4-H program coordinator and interim state shooting sports coordinator Todd Williver at the OSU Extension Office, 541-648-6815.

For more information about Lincoln County 4-H, contact Heather Tower, 4-H program assistant, at 541-648-6818 or heather.tower@oregonstate.edu

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