The Lincoln County Cultural Coalition (LCCC) is now accepting applications for its fiscal year 2022 grant cycle, funding programs delivering arts, culture, heritage and humanities to the residents of Lincoln County. The coalition members encourage nonprofits, individuals, schools and civic organizations to learn more and apply online at Applications are due Oct. 15.

The funding for the coalition grants comes from the Oregon Cultural Trust, which is created by annual donations from Oregonians through the state’s unique Cultural Tax Credit. Those donations help fuel culture around the state, with large competitive grants as well as cultural participation programs in rural and less-populous areas.

The Lincoln County Cultural Grants are awarded to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are located in Lincoln County, or do significant programming here. Individuals and other groups may also apply if they are sponsored by a qualified nonprofit organization. Awards range from $200 to $1,300.

The program or project must take place from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2022. One of the following coalition priorities must be addressed by applicants seeking funding: 1) Improve access to cultural experiences; 2) Raise the cultural awareness of youth; 3) Facilitate infrastructure improvements.

In response to the special circumstances created by COVID-19 and the ongoing threat to local cultural organizations, this year the cultural coalition will also consider requests for general operating support and capacity building projects, submitted by nonprofits that address the priorities listed above.

In addition to offering the annual County Cultural Grants, LCCC is also accepting applications for 2022 funding by the Mark Sponenburgh Memorial Trust (SMT). This granting opportunity, through the Lincoln County Foundation, is open to schools, individuals, civic groups and nonprofits working in arts education. Eligible projects will support arts education for elementary and middle school students, with a priority placed on music education. Awards from the SMT go up to $3,500.

The shared application for the LCCC and the SMT funds can be found on the coalition’s website,, where there is also detailed grant information and guidelines. Additional questions or requests for accommodations may be sent to LCCC chair Niki Price at

Grant-funded projects in fiscal year 2021

The Lincoln County Cultural Coalition (LCCC) supports arts, culture, heritage and humanities programs in Lincoln County communities. In December 2020, grants were made to the following organizations for projects taking place in 2021:

• Newport Symphony Orchestra (scholarships for students in Newport Family Strings);

• North Lincoln County Historical Museum (Tiny Tours project);

• Activate Arts (Lincoln County Ukulele Virtual Choir);

• Oregon Coast Youth Symphony (Youth Symphony Festival);

• Oregon Coast Aquarium (Library Culture Pass for aquarium);

• Music is Instrumental (Instruments Shine project);

• Oregon Arts Watch (12 stories that highlight culture in Lincoln County);

• Central Coast Chorale (rebranding Central Coast Chorale for a more inclusive and sustainable future).

The Lincoln County Cultural Coalition also supported these local arts education projects for youth, in partnership with the Lincoln County Foundation’s Mark Sponenburgh Memorial Trust:

• Newport Symphony Orchestra (scholarships for Newport Family Strings);

• Toledo Tubas (funding for tubas);

• Music is Instrumental (expert music technicians);

• Oregon Coast Children’s Theatre (community arts initiative and cultural family support).

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