People are invited to take part in the ninth annual Cape Perpetua Land-Sea Symposium on Thursday, Nov. 18. This symposium is a community event aimed at promoting local stewardship efforts and raising awareness about current research being conducted within the Cape Perpetua nearshore and adjacent watersheds.

This year’s event will kick off with a welcome from Rep. David Gomberg and follow with keynote speaker Mark Hixon, professor and Hsiao Endowed Chair in Marine Biology School of Life Sciences – University of Hawaii, who will speak on “Coastal Connectivity.” During his presentation, Hixon will review what is known about dispersal of fish among marine protected areas and unprotected areas, the “seeding effect” by larvae as well as the “spillover effect” by larger fish, both of which replenish fisheries.

Following the keynote address, there will be an intermission and three short presentations:

• Intermission: “Tidepooling,” with the Oregon Coast Aquarium;

• Presentation one: “Impacts of Microplastics on Near Shore Marine Organisms,” (Dorothy Horn, Ph.D. Portland State University);

• Presentation two: “The Role of Oregon Estuaries in the Recruitment and Early Life Stages Of Rockfishes,” (Scott Heppell, associate professor of marine and freshwater fisheries ecology, Oregon State University);

• Presentation three: “Mariner and Fisherman Perspectives on Ocean Changes,” (Captain Al Pazar, mariner and fisherman).

To attend the symposium, register at

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