Oregon Coast Community College

Oregon Coast Community College has announced students who were named to the college’s Honor Roll, Dean’s List and President’s List for Winter 2021.

To be eligible, students must have completed a minimum of six graded credits during the term, and have met the GPA requirements for the given level of honors.

OCCC offers a variety of degree and certificate programs, including University Transfer Degree programs and its innovative teaching degree program, created in partnership with Western Oregon University and the Lincoln County School District. Learn more, go to oregoncoast.edu, follow OCCC on Facebook and Instagram, @occcsharks, or call 541-867-8501.

Honor Roll: 3.25-3.49 Grade Point Average — Flor Aparicio-Reyes, Seth Bodtke, Megan Clark, Jayme Elmore, Jessica Fantroy, Kaylee Kappus, Kaylani McMillan, Veronica Mendoza, Liliana Munoz Valladolid, Mariah Sandoz, Caleb Sutton, Cierra Topete, Jason Velazquez, Emily Welch-Russell and Janet Zamorano Moreno.

Dean’s List: 3.5-3.74 Grade Point Average — Jessica Beehner, Sara Birman, Emily Braunstein, Allene Brennan, Heather Bridges, Jessica Cawley, Heather Clair Simas, Danielle Clark, Allison Cleland, Rayanne Damrow, Harley Engen, Anastacia Flatt, Jessica Flores Martinez, Miranda Glover, Colin Hale, Ashya Jenkins-Smith, Taylor Keepers, Cora Kehr, Abigail Krupar, Patricia Majeski, Raven Martin, Xitlali Mason, Alina Mason, Joshua McAvoy, Leslie Melo Lira, Naphtali Meyer, David Potter, Yeliel Rinehart, Omar Ruiz Garcia, Savannah Russo, Gabriella Slaughter-Roark, Gage Stephensen, Ramon Topete, Amelia Valentine, Jade Weber and Connor Willeford.

President’s List: 3.75-4.0 Grade Point Average — Tessa Adamson, Samantha Albright, Olivia Anderson, Hailey Baker, Diana Ayllin Baltazar Gonzalez, Amanda Barnhart, Christina Baskett, Larenda Bennett, Rebekah Bina, Emily Bjornsgard, Chyanna Blackburn, Cassandra Brandt, Tanaya Brown, Melissa Campana, Julia Clemens, Barbara Culbertson, Hailey Dalke, Jacob DeVries, Shaneon Dinwoodie, Cynthia Dorsey, Tabitha Drago, Megan Edgeworth, Jenny Elmore, Jessica Eubank, Angelina Felix Cantua, Mahala Fisher, Kimberly Fizznoglia, Sally Flatt, Michelle Fortin, Cristian Garcia Garcia, Robert Gaskins, Ira Gra, Patricia Hedrick, Arath Hernandez Castro, Jennifer Highland, Zanielle Hudson, Ashlee Johnson, Jordana Johnson, Patricia King, Katie Kirk-Brown, William Kunde, Brianna Lagula, Rita Latta, Crystal Linenko, Joel Lorenzo, Melissa MacDonald, Leta Main, Jacob Martin, Brenda Martin, Nikki Martinez, Guadalupe Martinez-Galicia, Jamie Martinson, Tayler McAlpine, Rebecca Meisner, Taelyn Miller, Renee Mooney, Kaitlyn Myers, Kaci Noah, Elva Noriega, Erin Nusbaum, Avarie Owens, Jennifer Margarette Parker, Julia Portaro, Samantha Raines, Taya Riley, Ashley Rodriguez, Alejandra Rosales Cortes, Tanya Russell, Justin Salisbury, Ethan Schutze, Kaitlyn Schwab, Shyla Sell, Tamara Sibley, Lauren Smith, Nicholas Spangler, Tiffany Stewart, Kelly Stinson, Tristan Sudborough, Joy Thayer, Joselyn Trujillo Teodoro, Cameron Vasquez, Shirley Vaughn, Isabella Vick, Liza Walker, Amanda Williams, Reece Williams, William Wood, Brenn Woodman, Carlos Yanez Carr and Alexis Zuercher.

Oregon State University

The names of students who have made the Scholastic Honor Roll Winter 2021 have been announced by Oregon State University.

A total of 8,150 students earned a B-plus (3.5) or better to make the listing. To be on the honor roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

Students from Lincoln County on the honor roll included:

Blodgett — Jaime M. Chambers, sophomore, animal sciences; Stacey Galvan, sophomore, human development and family science.

Gleneden Beach — Kealy C. Boyd, sophomore, biohealth sciences.

Lincoln City — Ryan B. Bray, senior, mechanical engineering; Jose L. Cortez-Segura, sophomore, general engineering; Trenton C. Fisher, freshman, general engineering; Vanessa R. Madsen, senior, biohealth sciences; Alexandra L. Monticelli, senior, biology; Hunter Risdon, sophomore, business administration; Jamie D. Stephenson-Noble, junior, Spanish; Noa M. Stoll, freshman, environmental sciences.

Neotsu — Napela R. Napoleon, sophomore, geography and geospatial science.

Newport — Emma J. Allan, freshman, biohealth sciences; Riley G. Andersen, sophomore, biology; Dmitri Au, junior, kinesiology; Kona S. Baldwin, sophomore, chemical engineering; Samuel J. Barton, senior, electrical and computer engineering; Cole A. Braxling, sophomore, psychology; Abigail R. Card, Senior, creative writing; Dylann M. Deeds, senior, business administration; Nicholas Deeds, senior, business administration; Rose E. Dixon, freshman, zoology; Caressa R. Dunphy, senior, nutrition; Enrique Garcia, sophomore, biochemistry and molecular biology; Miguel Angel Gaspar Marquez, senior, computer science; Calena M. Gray, senior, horticulture; Britnie L. Gwynn, junior, psychology; Nathaniel P. Hannan, senior, mechanical engineering; Michelle Landa-Jaime, sophomore, public health; Christopher K. Lee, freshman, business administration; Olivia E. Mercer, freshman, psychology; Alexandria M. Selfridge, sophomore, psychology; Cole Theodore, junior, computer science; Zey M. Thompson, senior, biohealth sciences; Megan A. Wagner, senior, biology.

Otis — Jordan C. Hall, freshman, business administration; Madison L. Hall, freshman, creative writing; Ella J. Knott, freshman, agricultural sciences.

Seal Rock — Sophie H. Dziak, junior, design and innovation management.

Siletz — Jostan C. Brown, senior, mechanical engineering; Tacoma J. Brown, senior, architectural engineering; Michael B. Lanyon, freshman, general engineering.

South Beach — Derek C. Allen, senior, tourism, recreation and adventure lead; William T. Birchfield, sophomore, geography and geospatial science; Alexander E. Rash, senior, computer science.

Toledo — Reece G. Dobmeier, Senior, forestry; Jessica C. French, post baccalaureate, biology; Trent L. Kinion, senior, mechanical engineering.

Waldport — Joshua M. Beard, senior, mechanical engineering; Christopher Eckerson, post baccalaureate, computer science; Aramina M. Leavitt, junior, sociology; Dakota B. Rundell, sophomore, kinesiology; Wyatt M. Schrock, sophomore, civil engineering; Nathan R. Winters, senior, marketing.

Yachats — Emrys G. Golden, senior, English.

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