Personal and commercial use firewood permits are now available for the Central Coast Ranger District of the Siuslaw National Forest. For the Hebo Ranger District, personal use permits will be available starting Oct. 12, with commercial use permits available starting Oct.13.

Commercial and personal use permits will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis and are required when harvesting or transporting firewood. Personal use permits will be free of charge, and commercial use permits will cost $20 per cord; both types of permits carry a limit to number of cords allowed to be harvested, a set timeframe, and only permit cutting in specific designated locations.

“This year, we are excited to provide personal use firewood permits free of charge to the public,” Robert Sanchez, forest supervisor, said. “In conjunction with other national forests in Oregon and Washington, we believe the free personal use firewood program will benefit our forest and the communities that surround us.”

Rules, restrictions and locations for firewood cutting are specific to each district and can be found on the Siuslaw National Forest Firewood Cutting webpage at A valid government ID is required at the time permits are issued.

Persons interested in a firewood permit are encouraged to visit the cutting areas before requesting a permit. Roads leading to the firewood cutting areas may be primitive and require a four-wheel drive vehicle. To help protect water quality and fish habitat, people should avoid cutting, piling or gathering firewood near any stream, pond, lake, marsh or wet area.

For more information about the firewood cutting permits, call the Central Coast Ranger District at 541-563-8400 or the Hebo Ranger District at 503-392-5100.

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