In 2019, Explore Lincoln City presented “Deck the Dock,” reviving the tradition of wrapping the Taft Dock with holiday lights. However, plans to expand that program with more lights in more locations were put on hold in 2020 because of the COVID pandemic.

For 2021, Lincoln City Parks & Recreation and Lincoln City Public Works will be lending assistance, resulting in a major expansion of winter light displays. These efforts will include:

• Doubling the lights on the Taft Dock, plus adding a 12-foot holiday tree photo opportunity;

• Wrapping light poles along 51st Street with solar-powered lights;

• Wrapping the Taft entry arch with solar-powered lights;

• Wrapping all the city-owned utility poles along Highway 101 with solar-powered lights.

In order to literally light up the town, Explore Lincoln City will be providing funds to encourage businesses and organizations to create more light displays.

For this first year, Explore Lincoln City will make up to 30 awards of $500 each to businesses and nonprofits to help purchase lights — with Taft Dock as the anchor attraction, businesses along 51st Street and then north along the Highway 101 corridor beginning in Taft are encouraged to take part.

The long-term goal is to light up all of Lincoln City, with an expansion every year, going north until every Lincoln City district along Highway 101 is included. From there, side streets and other opportunities will be explored.

“We’ve seen a trend of more and more families celebrating winter holidays here,” Ed Dreistadt, director of Explore Lincoln City, said. “We’re making a commitment to continually grow Lincoln City’s reputation as a winter wonderland of lights, food and fun.”

Businesses and nonprofits in south Lincoln City that are interested in a one-time award to purchase lights can contact Stephanie Hull, Explore Lincoln City event and outreach coordinator, at

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