After a year under the COVID-19 pandemic, brokers from Windermere Real Estate will hit the streets of Newport again for the company’s 37th annual Community Service Day, giving their own local spin on the companywide event.

The local office, Windermere West Coast Properties, picks a different community service activity every year, such as planting flowers or holding a beach cleanup, and this year, local brokers will be picking things back up with a canned food drive at the Newport Grocery Outlet this Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

According to local Windermere broker Barbara Petty, she planned this year’s event with the hardships the community faced due to the pandemic in mind. She hopes it will help more people get back on their feet while bringing the community a little closer together after such a tough year.

“There are people who are burned out, people who aren’t working because of COVID. There’s definitely a need there, and we also wanted to try something different this year,” Petty said. “I also wanted to do something more direct with the public. The beach cleanup we did before was good, but I wanted to get more involved in the community itself, and I think the canned food drive will be a great way to do that.”

Petty added Windermere will be working with Food Share of Lincoln County and the local Grocery Outlet to help make the food drive a success. For example, Grocery Outlet staff will be highlighting requested items in the store so that shoppers can easily identify and grab them during their regular shopping.

“When I called the local food bank, they recommended we reach out to and work with Grocery Outlet because they had worked with them before,” Petty said. “The two already had a good relationship, and when we talked to them they said they’d be sure to order extra of the things we’d need for the canned food drive.”

Windermere’s Community Service Day was established in 1984 and sees participation from the company’s 300 offices across the western United States. For more information, visit

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