Public access to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital’s new facilities in Lincoln City is slowly returning to normal.

More than two years after Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital began closing down access to the general public because of pandemic safety precautions, some things are returning to normal, or near normal.

Lab services: As of May 2, all laboratory services are now located inside the hospital. For the past two years, a temporary outpatient lab was located in a medical building on campus, west of the hospital. This was done to reduce potential virus exposure to outpatients receiving routine lab work. Now, anyone needing lab work can park in the main hospital parking lot at 3043 NE 28th St., enter through the Emergency Department entrance and walk down the hall to patient registration. Patients will be directed to nearby outpatient rooms for blood draws.

Hospital cafeteria: Also for the past two years, only hospital staff could order and eat food at the cafeteria. Beginning Monday, May 16, the cafeteria began welcoming members of the public who have business in the hospital, such as outpatient appointments, patient visitors and patient support people. The following guidelines were put in place:

• Tables will remain spaced at least six feet apart.

• Samaritan employees are still limited to only one employee per table.

• Two visitors from the same household may share the same table.

• Face masks must be worn at all times except when eating or drinking.

• Tables will be appropriately sanitized between use.

• Until further COVID-19 precautions are lifted, members of the general public are not allowed, and the salad bar will remain closed.

Face mask requirements: When entering a Samaritan facility where health care is provided, such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories, patients and visitors must wear medical-grade face masks — often known as procedure masks or surgical masks, N95s or KN95s. They must fit well and not have valves. Bandanas, gaiters, face shields and cloth face masks are not allowed. If a patient or visitor does not have a well-fitting, medical-grade face mask, one will be provided to them.

For complete information about face masks, visitor restrictions and more, visit

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