On Saturday, May 15, Lincoln City Archery held its grand opening at Lincoln City Outlets. The indoor archery range will allow people to learn the art of traditional archery, focusing on the meditative and intuitive aspects of using a bow and arrow.

People ages eight and older will have the opportunity to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow without any of the modern-day trappings. This is the same type of shooting as depicted in movies like “Brave” and “Robin Hood.”

“People rely so much on technology and advances in equipment that they forget they can do it themselves without help,” says instructor and owner Shad Engkilterra, who trained under master archer Armin Hirmer in the country of Malta.

Archery has mental and physical health benefits. It allows the archer to feel empowered. However, those aren’t the main reasons to go, according to Engkilterra.

“Archery is fun,” Engkilterra said. “I love the peace it brings and the sense of calm and focus, but I also like to delve into the games aspect of archery.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Lincoln City Archery to our center,” Sharyn Jasmer, general manager of Lincoln City Outlets, said. “With the launch of this new activity, we continue to bring experiences from local entrepreneurs to provide a unique Oregon adventure.”

Future events will include Zombie Apocalypse Arcade, Duck Hunt and the possibility of staving off a killer pumpkin invasion. Engkilterra is also looking for people who would like to participate in an evening Archers’ League.

“Traditional archery can be done as an individual, but when people get together to support each other, it becomes an even more powerful activity,” Engkilterra said. “Making connections with others is one thing that soothes the core of who we are.”

Bookings can be made online at www.lincolncityarchery.com. Those who wish to book the range for parties can call 503-409-8371.

The range is currently using small poundage bows. Those who hunt are welcome to come practice their form using the smaller pound bows and field tips. The store can order archery equipment of any kind for anyone. It will carry a small number of items in stock.

“As we grow, we will look to expand our inventory,” Engkilterra said, “but for the moment, we will be happy to make special orders and have them available for pickup or to send them by mail.”

Bows and arrows aren’t the only things you’ll find at Lincoln City Archery. The store will also carry books on archery and books written by Indie authors.

“We’re looking forward to holding author signings for people looking to break into the business,” Engkilterra said. “Drue M. Scott, author of a series set in the fictional town of Blackwood Forest, Ore., has already committed to coming out for Memorial Day weekend.”

Lincoln City Archery is in suite 410 — near Columbia Factory Store — at the Lincoln City Outlets, located at 1500 SE East Devils Lake Road. For more information, go to the website listed above. Information can also be found on YouTube at https://tinyurl.com/t2sch2s8.

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