Lakeview Senior Living in Lincoln City recently honored North Lincoln Fire & Rescue and Pacific West Ambulance for their help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pictured are: Jennifer Whitmyer, left, Rob Henderson, Chief Rob Dahlman, Dee Navarro, Jeff Mathia, Dr. Erling Oksenholt, Joy Wilson and Jack McCarty.

Lakeview Senior Living presented North Lincoln Fire & Rescue and Pacific West Ambulance with plaques expressing gratitude for their help during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plaques were made bearing these words: “2020: The Year of Gratitude. Lakeview Senior Living is grateful for the professionalism, flexibility and compassion toward our residents and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re grateful that you’re our partners in health care.”

Jennifer Whitmyer, executive director of Lakeview Senior Living, said, “Our residents, staff and families have experienced so much change last year, so it’s a big deal to know that our emergency responders were there for us — reliable, dependable, and stable. Everyone’s under enormous pressure, including the people at Pacific West and NLF&R.”

Whitmyer added, “Their personnel have suffered loss, stress, anxiety, and have had to endlessly adapt, and yet they show up to every call, every time, to help our residents. Building relationships with our partners in the community, such as Dr. Oksenholt, Jeff Mathia, Chief Dahlman, Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital, our doctors and medical providers has been gratifying. It’s such a testament of service to our local seniors and how united we are in helping them.”

Oksenholt is the medical director for both Pacific West and the fire department. “Dr. Oksenholt has a huge responsibility, and he has been helping people in our area for so long that we want to express our appreciation of his dedication and service,” Whitmyer said.

“It’s important that our frontline teams have good relationships with local health care partners,” said Dee Navarro, regional director for Westmont Living, who made a special trip with other representatives of Westmont Living to Lakeview for the presentation of the plaques. Westmont Living, the founding company of Lakeview Senior Living, is headquartered in La Jolla, Calif. Rob Henderson, senior vice president of operations; Jack McCarty, senior vice president of marketing, and Navarro, joined Whitmyer, Joy Wilson, community relations director, and Hannah Smith, lifestyles director for the presentations.

Fire Chief Rob Dahlman represented North Lincoln Fire & Rescue. Jeffrey Mathia and Celeste Hankins represented Pacific West Ambulance, and Dr. Erling Oksenholt represented both organizations.

Lakeview Senior Living offers independent living, assisted living and memory care. Lakeview is one of the larger employers in North Lincoln County and is a Westmont Living community. For more information, call 541-921-8923.

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