Matsutake mushroom collecting season will continue this year on the Central Coast Ranger District, with the same mail-in permit procedure as last year.

Every year, 100 commercial-use permits are available on a first come, first served basis. Any person wishing to obtain a commercial 2021 Matsutake Collection Permit, should mail in a request form following the instructions below by Aug. 23.

“We will begin to process mail-in permit requests starting on Aug. 25, so be ready with your payment information when called,” Ashley Roseman, support services administrator, said. At that time, individuals will have the option of receiving the permit by email or postal mail, along with the sales receipt. 

A commercial use permit is required for any individual gathering more than six matsutake mushrooms per day. Permits are limited to one per person and cost $250. 

Payment is due when the permit is issued. Those who prefer to pay by check or money order should include either with their request. Make checks payable to USDA, Forest Service. Those being issued permits must have a valid form of identification and be at least 18 years of age at the time of purchase. Matsutake permits are valid from the date of sale through Dec. 31. 

Send the completed form, postmarked no later than Aug. 23, to: Attn: Ashley Roseman, Central Coast Ranger District, PO Box 400, Waldport, OR 97394 

After mail-in permits are processed, remaining permits will be issued at the Reedsport and Waldport offices starting Sept. 7. Forest Service office lobbies remain closed at this time, but visitors requesting permits after Sept. 7 can call to schedule a time to pick one up outside of the office.

Download and print the request form by going online at

For more information, call the Waldport office at 541-563-8400.

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