WALDPORT — Students, staff and volunteers from Crestview Elementary School in Waldport, and Waldport Middle and High School, worked together this spring to create mosaic and ceramic mural panels that were then combined into a work of art called “Acts of Kindness.”

The creation of this artwork took place during a series of workshops at the schools over a two-week period just before spring break. The panels were mounted in early May.

The mural consists of six panels. From left to right, these panels depict: planting of trees and foliage; helping a friend who is falling; ice cream, giving money to charity and beach cleanups; sharing an umbrella and caring for a baby bird; giving food to the hungry, caring for cats and dogs and ‘Love is Kindness;” and sharing a balloon with a sad friend, planting flowers and saving a baby bird that fell from its nest. All of these pieces were designed by the students.

The mosaics were done in a “broken-plate style,” using porcelain, ceramic, fused glass, sculptural ceramics, stone, slate and Italian marble. The commercial value of this piece is estimated to be around $8,000.

This project was coordinated by the Oregon Coast Children’s Theatre & Oregon Coast Children’s Center for the Arts. Artistic director Lawrence Adrian provided the instruction, mosaic design and ceramic creation. Additional instruction was provided by Dina Kirk, education director, and Rina Jo Elgin, assistant to the directors.

OCCT/OCCCA programs are made possible through the support of a number of foundations, making these types of programs available for young people. “Acts of Kindness” is the 118th work of fine art created during the education charity’s 32-year history. To learn more, go online to oregoncoastchildrenstheatre.com

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