Waldport artist Carol Cassidy is offering online art workshops during January in a series called “Chase the January Blues Away.”

The classes will be presented on Zoom. Registration and advanced payment ($25 per workshop) are required to hold your space, and this can be done online at the Yachats Arts Guild website — yachatsartsguild.org

The schedule of workshops is as follows:

• Color Moods, Jan. 8, 1 to 2 p.m. — The world is surrounded by color. It affects every aspect of our being. Which color button are we more likely to click on a web page? Will the color of the walls of the surgeon’s office calm us or make us more anxious? Why are people said to be green with envy or, in the old West, yellow-bellied if they lack courage? Or why do we feel blue? Why is someone a red hot lover and someone else is red with rage? Explore the meanings, clichés, and paradoxes of color in this online workshop.

• Color Mixing (color theory), Jan. 15, 1 to 3 p.m. — Sir Isaac Newton was experimenting with a prism and realized that you could represent colors in a circle and that certain colors in the circle related to others in different ways. The color wheel was born. Artists had known about these relationships for years, but it was Newton who offered a scientific explanation for color mixing. By understanding the properties of pigments and applying them to the color wheel, artists can avoid muddy colors and produce crisp, vibrant paintings.

• Perspective, Jan. 22, 1 to 3 p.m. — Why does the building I drew look so wrong? What is wrong with my tree line in my plein air painting? Perspective! This workshop talks about one, two and three-point perspectives and how to draw more realistic scenes.

• Golden Mean Ratio, Jan. 29, 1 to 2 p.m. — The ancient Greeks, lacking iPods and TikTok, had a lot of time on their hands to contemplate what shapes are more pleasing to the eye. They came up with the Golden Proportion, or the Golden Ratio, to describe mathematically the most pleasing relationship between shapes. Their observations still hold true today. Later, Fibonacci came up with similar numbers to explain spirals. This workshop explores composition using the rule of threes and ancient formulas.

Cassidy is a scientific illustrator and fine artist who works primarily in watercolor. She moved to Waldport three years ago after retiring from teaching graphic design at the State University of New York. Her career has included working for a cartoonist, being a staff illustrator for both a marine research center and a nuclear research center, designer for a cosmetics company, medical illustrating, teaching and running her own graphics studio. She has been in various exhibitions nationwide and recently completed a mural for the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

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