A soon-to-be-streaming documentary film tells the story of a French bicyclist found murdered in a Neskowin campground.

The film, OLD-GROWTH MURDER, produced by Anchor Pictures in conjunction with Gravitas Ventures, is a feature-length exploration of the unsolved 1987 murder of Alain Malessard. The documentary’s director, Tom Olsen, Jr., has been working on the project for 11 years, and the film is available through Apple iTunes beginning June 28, with additional streaming opportunities coming this summer.

Neskowin residents discovered the then-unidentified, lifeless body of 26-year-old Malessard, beaten to death with a blunt instrument, in the closed Neskowin Creek U.S. Forest Service campground on Thanksgiving Day 35 years ago. He was found with only a tent, bicycle and French-English dictionary.

Malessard, from the town of Lons-le-Saunier in eastern France, was in the midst of fulfilling a life-long dream of bicycling across North America.

Suspects were identified during an investigation into his death, but no one was ever charged, and the murder was eventually all but forgotten.

The new documentary retraces the French citizen’s five-month journey across Canada and the Pacific Northwest, interviewing family friends and multiple Oregon law enforcement officers involved in the investigation. The film includes previously unseen crime scene material, family photos and home movies.

“Although the investigation remains officially open, the film’s audience will surely wonder why with today’s advanced forensics, digital investigative tools, DNA testing, and almost monthly headlines of decades-old unsolved homicide cases being closed, this murder is still unsolved in 2022,” according to a press release from Anchor Pictures.

OLD-GROWTH MURDER won two Telly Awards, for best documentary and best editing; two Impact DOCS Awards of Excellence for best research and best documentary feature; and a 2021 Gold Spotlight Film Award for Excellence in Filmmaking.

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for being a small, semi-rural county, Lincoln county sure has had a lot of murders over the years, mostly unsolved

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