Collectible buttons are on display (above) in a new exhibit at the Fiber Arts Studio Gallery in the Lincoln City Cultural Center. The exhibit opens today (Friday) and runs through Feb. 20.

Collectible buttons and French haute couture fashions will divert people’s attention from the present to the past in a new exhibit at the Fiber Arts Studio Gallery in the Lincoln City Cultural Center.

An opening reception takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. today (Friday), and the exhibit will remain on display through Feb. 20. The gallery follows COVID protocols.

This exhibit was put together by the Oregon State Button Society to “dazzle, delight, and draw attention and appreciation for buttons and their rich history.” Buttons are traditionally displayed on trays with a commonality in subject, material, time period or technique. There are 21 different trays from the collection of Holly Derderian. Perhaps visitors will remember someone’s button collection or have their own button jar, “but this exquisite show ensures you will never look at buttons the same way again; so much art and history in a little button,” organizers said.


The Portland Handweavers’ Guild “Mannequin Project” (right) showcases handwoven fabrics and original fashion designs reminiscent of 1945. They are on display at the Fiber Arts Studio Gallery in Lincoln City.

The Oregon State Button Society, formed in 1947, encourages the education about the history of buttons in trim and fashion, including their manufacture and use, and promotes the collection and preservation of buttons as cultural artifacts. For button clubs and button shows in Oregon, see,

The Portland Handweavers’ Guild, PHG, Mannequin Project was conceived as a way to honor the French people of 1945 and the Portland Handweavers Guild, which was started in the same year. Using the Theatre de la Mode mannequins (which can be seen at Maryhill Museum) as inspiration, Dakotah Fitzhugh sculpted and created the PHG mannequins. These eight mannequins showcase handwoven fabrics and original fashion designs reminiscent of 1945, made by PHG members.

For some historical background on the role miniature mannequins, or Pandora figures, have played in diplomacy, war, royalty, communications and marketing through the centuries, listen to the Haptic and Hue podcast, Episode #7, “Majesty and Mannequins,” by Jo Andrews, (

Learn more about the Portland Handweavers’ Guild at

The Fiber Arts Studio Gallery is just opposite the main entrance from the Chessman Gallery inside the Lincoln City Cultural Center at 540 NE Highway 101. It is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday through Sunday. Masks and social distancing are required in the building.

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