Yachats hosts local activists for anti-ICE, pro-immigrant protest

Photo 1: Rev. Bob Barrett, of Yachats Community Presbyterian Church, speaks at the microphone during an immigration vigil and demonstration in Yachats on Friday night. (Photo by Madeline Shannon) Photo 2: Demonstrators protest against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in Yachats on Friday. The group staged the vigil ahead of immigrant roundups expected over the weekend by Immigration & Customs Enforcement. (Photo by Madeline Shannon) Photo 3: Franki Trujillo-Dalbey spoke to a crowd of demonstrators in Yachats on Friday as part of an anti-Trump immigration vigil. (Photo by Madeline Shannon) Photo 4: A crowd gathered in Yachats on Friday to protest against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. (Photo by Madeline Shannon) Photo 5: One demonstrator tears up during a speech about the conditions immigrants are kept in along ICE detention centers along the U.S.-Mexico border during an immigration vigil in Yachats on Friday. (Photo by Madeline Shannon) Photo 6: A crowd of demonstrators wave and hold up signs to drivers passing by during an immigration demonstration in Yachats on Friday. (Photo by Madeline Shannon)

YACHATS — In the wake of ICE raids in an attempt to seek out and deport undocumented immigrants, a group of local immigration activists organized a vigil in Yachats on Friday, July 12, to draw attention to the plight of “illegal” immigrants afraid for their lives under President Donald Trump’s policies on the subject.

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