Warming shelters in Lincoln County

Our community enjoys great wealth, and yet many people struggle and suffer. Our community must have a warming shelter so that we can save lives. We have many people who have medical needs, housing needs and employment needs, and we still have no warming shelter in south Lincoln County.

Our cold weather is here. January is our tough month. I am asking for a donated house so that we can assist a family, or a veteran, or a disabled person or even an elder.

I will work for donations and I will staff this shelter. A donated house can allow us to actually help people. We can obtain a tax-deduction for the donor. We finally have a nonprofit that is willing to advance our cause.

I attended recently the Lincoln City Planning Commission meeting in city hall. This is for a conditional use permit for the Lincoln City Warming Shelter/Chance Inc., which is run by some very dedicated people — Sharon Padilla and Amanda Cherryholmes.

Please call me if you have a room to rent for a person in need. Many working people are living in vehicles and can't afford a normal rental unit. Please contact me by phone at 541-270-0514, by email at [email protected] or by postal mail at P.O. Box 2002 Waldport, OR 97394   

Once again, we are without adequate shelter in our community. Please call today to help a veteran, or a single person or a family. Let’s help children be safe, continue their schooling and make Lincoln County shine.

David Peltier



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