Try to think these things through

A letter published here on Nov. 15 calls for a decrease in military spending, end to wars of intervention and a total nuclear weapons ban, saving $43 billion.

Certainly we don't need military bases in so many countries, and some countries where we had grand idealistic projects have different ideals and reject our vision for them.

But a total nukes ban: are we quite sure the other team plays by the same rules? How many millions died under the Russian and Chinese fanatic secular religion? Has the passage of time modified these regimes' own special morality?

Another letter in the same edition states, "Most people are afraid to stand up and speak their truth for fear of jail time or some other retaliation." Most people I know are not afraid of jail time for speaking out, and I suggest that's also generally true. Maybe that letter writer suffers from a particular sense of persecution.

Try to think these things through, not sloganize.

Hubert Miller



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