Storm causes scattered power outages across Lincoln County

LINCOLN COUNTY — Damage from the recent storm left many county residents without power for a time as broken limbs took down power lines and landslides toppled power poles.

Lincoln County has three power providers that service the area, the largest impacted being Consumers Power, which primarily provides power to east county homes. As of Wednesday, the utility still had 650 customers without power due to damaged wires, with repairs expected to last well into Thursday.

“We had broken cross-arms, broken poles and such, due to trees and branches hitting power-lines,” said James Ramseyer, director of member services for Consumers Power.

Central Lincoln PUD saw several outages as well in its service area, but most of its issues were solved shortly after being reported. As of Wednesday, only eight customers were reported to be without power scattered throughout Lincoln County, many of which could have been issues on the property, rather than damaged lines.

Chris Chandler, public affairs manager for Central Lincoln PUD, said there were several broken poles across the electric utility’s service area and said one was identified east of Waldport. Chandler said downed poles often take as long as eight hours to replace, but repair workers were able to fix the damage quickly.

“Situations like this are like electrical whack-a-mole,” Chandler said. “Its like, here’s an outage, we go and fix the outage and just as soon, there’s another outage.”

Chandler noted the Nov. 13 outrages last year had a bigger impact than this week’s storm, as it forced the utility to call in mutual aid workers to get the damage repaired.

Pacific Power, which services part of Lincoln City, reported 17 separate outages at the peak of the storm at 1:45 a.m. Wednesday that disrupted service for 360 customers. A spokesman said all damage had been repaired and power had been restored to all Pacific Power customers as of 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. 


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