Park rangers on beach patrol

An Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department ranger patrols the beach south of Waldport last week. (Photo by Cheri Brubaker)

OREGON COAST — Beach rangers and park staff regularly patrol the beach, said Chris Havel, spokesman for the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department. “They’re looking for notable debris — things people have dumped, larger pieces of marine debris that wash ashore or marine mammals in distress,” he said.

They’re also there to provide assistance to beach visitors and look for unusual resource changes, both human caused and natural, that may require a response. “We also have staff who use ATVs to reach a project site or do inspections related to ocean shore permits,” Havel said.

“We’re not lifeguards or cops, but we do need to keep an eye out for ways to keep the ocean shore healthy,” Havel said, adding that because state parks are short-staffed, such patrols may not be as frequent as they were last year.

While many state parks have resumed operation, visitors are asked to verify services available before traveling, bring supplies with them and to pack out their trash. 


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