No kicks, no timeouts and no quitting

Teams drill for Jamboree

TOLEDO — A football “jamboree” dismissed by some as a “glorified practice” is shaping-up as a monumental three-way clash between title-hungry teams on Friday, Aug. 30.

The full-contact scrimmage between Taft, Newport and Toledo is a dry run for the formidable fall schedules all three face in early September. Moreover, the Lincoln County Football Jamboree is a rare chance to see local teams compete against each other in cross-county rivalries that were once hot as hay harvesting in the days of the bygone Coast League.

Coaches say the upcoming event at Boomer stadium has energized the opening sessions of “official” practice for all three teams, which began Monday. Each squad gets 18 plays of live offensive and defensive contact against their two opponents. The rules of jamboree football — no kicks, no downs, no timeouts and no quitting — translate to non-stop, exciting action.

“It’s a tune-up for our season-openers and should tell everybody a lot about where we are,” said Jeff Taylor, whose Toledo football team is hosting the event at Dale Hargett Field — one of the most striking football venues in Oregon athletics.

The Lincoln County jamboree gets underway with junior varsity scrimmages at 5 p.m., followed by varsity games at 6 p.m.



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