Marcia Buckley for circuit court judge

I am endorsing Marcia Buckley for circuit court judge. 

In the 15-plus years that I have known Marcia, I have been impressed by her honesty, integrity and willingness to fight for what is right. She has brought to the stand with her over 27 years worth of experience as a trial lawyer in Lincoln County. Her reputation speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes. 

As a young, newly divorced single mother back in 2005, Marcia showed me that a woman could overcome anything she set her mind to. Never one to be intimidated, Marcia has been the model to follow of a woman who balances home, community and work. And she never compromised her morals to achieve any of it.   

Times are uncertain and ever changing, and we need judges that are willing to consistently and fairly follow the rule of law and yet still see those before them as people, not just a case number. We need common sense and confidence. Lincoln County deserves the best. Please join me in retaining Marcia Buckley.

Tracy Mix