Holiday spirit of goodness and kindness

In our holiday food and gift boxes, let’s remember with goodness and kindness those in our community who are homeless, elderly, veterans of all wars foreign and domestic, survivors of domestic violence, those afflicted with addictions and all the mentally and spiritually disordered.

As a community, we want all our residents to be sheltered and healthy. Be kind and give the best you have to offer: the warmest clothing, the most nutritious and organically grown foods, hours of volunteer service.

Let us not use this season as an opportunity to recycle food that’s past the “sell by” dates, genetically modified or moldy, stale and rotten.

Ponder seriously your holiday gift list. For example, ask yourself, will my gift add trash to our  steaming landfills? Will my gift harm or help another’s health and wellbeing? Will my gift harm the earth? Will I murder a tree to celebrate an ancient tradition or will I plant a tree for the next generation?

Karen C. Manternach



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