Get rid of household hazardous waste

On Saturday, July 20, Lincoln County residents can properly dispose of household hazardous waste for free during the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.

This event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Dahl Disposal Recycling and Transfer Station, located at 235 SW Dahl Ave. in Waldport.

Held once each year in partnership with the Lincoln County Haulers, this event rotates between Lincoln City, Newport, Toledo and Waldport.

Lincoln County Solid Waste District Program Manager Mark Saelens said, “It is critical to do as much as we can to keep hazardous materials out of the environment and away from children and pets. Disposing of old, unused or excess hazardous material is very expensive, and this event allows citizens to do their part for free.”

At this event, the household hazardous materials accepted will include:

  • Poisons: pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other poisons;
  • Heavy Metals: mercury and products containing elemental mercury;
  • Corrosives: acids, bases, and reactives.

When handling hazardous household waste, being careful is essential. The proper preparation and transport of hazardous materials will minimize risks to you, your family, property and disposal staff from accidental spills or dangerous mixing of materials.

Products should not be mixed together. Dangerous reactions can occur when some materials are mixed. Keeping products in their original containers when possible will help staff dispose of materials safely. Products should also be properly sealed to prevent leaks and spills. If a container is leaking, secure it in a secondary leak-proof container. Pack containers in sturdy boxes in the trunk of your vehicle, away from the driver, passengers and pets.

Containers and boxes, including gasoline cans, cannot be returned, so make sure you don’t need them for future use. Also, people should not put items in plastic bags.

Household batteries, car batteries and fluorescent bulbs should not be brought to the event as these can be dropped off at recycling/transfer stations throughout the year during regular business hours. Oil based, latex and other paints (some of which are considered hazardous household waste) should not be brought to the event unless the paint cans have lost their label. Most latex and oil based paint can also be dropped off throughout the year. A few spray paint cans that are at least a quarter full will be accepted. 

Businesses and government agencies that have hazardous waste are asked to schedule an appointment to drop off their waste. Fees apply. Contact Saelens at [email protected], 541-574-1285 or 541-272-4803 in advance to schedule an appointment or answer questions you may have about the event.



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