Georgia-Pacific supports Toledo Fire Department

Georgia-Pacific (GP) has donated $4,500 to the Toledo Fire Department for equipment to support firefighter and community safety. 

GP made the donation in the name of the Toledo Summer Festival, held every July and which features a popular fireworks display directly supported by the fire department.

“The Toledo Fire Department is one of the mill’s first responders in case of emergency,” said Loria Holden, safety leader for the GP containerboard mill in Toledo. “The staff and volunteers are always professional and prompt in answering any calls for assistance. We are deeply grateful for their around-the-clock readiness to provide lifesaving support to the mill and the community.”

The funds will be used to purchase sensors that detect the concentration of carbon monoxide in the blood through a probe that clips to a fingertip.

“This device directly impacts firefighter safety by testing for exposures throughout and after a firefighting incident,” said Toledo Fire Chief Larry Robeson. “It helps guide decisions to pull firefighters out of action for medical treatment.”

The sensors also benefit community safety if victims are exposed to carbon monoxide through indoor combustion such as faulty furnaces or wood stoves or in industrial settings. “An elevated carbon monoxide reading helps identify the reason for the altered status of a person,” said Robeson.

GP mill employees who volunteer at the Toledo Fire Department include Joe Ammons, Gene Braman, Tom Kroker, Kamron Sjostrom and Jack Stout. 


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