Elements String Quartet kicks off symphony season

I am asking you to do me a favor, and you will do yourself a favor, as well as to all of Lincoln County. Go online to newportsymphony.org and sign up to attend, virtually, the Elements String Quartet, four talented — and highly-strung — ladies, all members of the Newport Symphony Orchestra at the Ocean. 

The quartet will open the season for our terrific orchestra in the safe way we are becoming familiar with while we wage war against the plague of today.

When you type in newportsymphony.org, you will get instructions on how to sign up for the Saturday, Sept. 26, 6:30 p.m. concert. The $25 fee will give you a link that will give you the program info and bring a screen with the musicians into your home on Saturday. No matter how many sets of eyeballs are in front of your screen, (i.e. a family of four, plus a cat and a dog), the fee is only $25. 

Please join us Saturday, and an added bonus will allow you to join a conversation after, with the musicians and with Music Director Adam Flatt, who will be at home in Denver.

I hope you will help us as we try to keep our heads above high tide until normalcy returns.

Joseph Swafford

NSO board member