Election night: Port of Alsea bond passes, public safety measure fails

Primary results are in

LINCOLN COUNTY — With 88 percent of the vote in, the Port of Alsea bond has passed, the public safety tax levy has failed and there is at least one new county commissioner.

The law enforcement tax levy, known as Measure 21-186, failed with 56 percent voting it down and 44 percent voting for it.

Vote-wise, 7,225 people voted against the measure and 5,589 people voted for it. 

The Port of Alsea bond — also known as Measure 21-182 — passed on a vote of 333 with 1,573 people voting in favor of the measure and 1,240 against it. 

 In the race for two county commissioner seats, Katey Jacobson defeated incumbent Terry Thompson with 63 percent of the vote to Thompson's 37 percent.

Jacobson won 7,494 votes with Thompson winning 4,189. 

For Doug Hunt's seat, Hunt received 4,113, which is 36 percent of the total vote, Virginia "Jenny" Demaris received 3,910 votes — 34 percent of the vote. Additionally, Kim Herring received 1,402 votes and Betty Kamikawa received 1,929 votes.

However, Hunt did not receive the percentage needed to win and will face off against Demaris in a November runoff. 

Read Wednesday's edition of the News-Times for the full story and more detailed election results.  

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