Doesn’t this bother anyone but me?

I’m so disappointed in all the people who badmouth the president of the United States. Think about this: why did Trump run for president? He doesn’t take a salary, but he does take a lot of disrespect and badmouthing. And for what?

My thoughts are:

1) He just wants to make America great again. If you recall when Obama was in office, we were heading for another depression.

2) He brought us out of that when he took office.

3) He cleaned house of most of the dirty deeders who couldn’t care less about us, the people.

4) Why do the vipers hate him so badly? Because he can’t be bought.

5) The viper pit doesn’t care about us, the people. Otherwise they could be doing the job they were hired to do.

6) Ask yourself, what have the Democrats done for us since Trump took office? Nothing, absolutely nothing but beat up on Trump. The homeless have had nothing done for them; lawlessness is rampant; fake news is selling us down the river; drugs and drug lords are running rampant; there is unlawful penetration of illegal aliens on our borders; the Democrats are trying to give our stuff away to illegal aliens when they won’t take care of us who have worked and paid taxes. There is no way the Democrats can give free health care for all and free education for everyone without our taxes going sky high. And if women want abortions, they can pay for them themselves. Or use some sort of birth control — why should we have to pay for someone else’s sex life?

Do you not see how they are trying to brainwash us? Ask yourself, how did all these politicians get their millions? Joe Biden did a quid pro quo while he was vice president, with Obama’s best wishes — he bragged about it on tape. Hillary Clinton lies and destroys evidence. Elizabeth Warren is a liar and a cheat. Adam Schiff is a dangerous man. Nancy Pelosi is a joke.

All of these people are in collusion with each other. Doesn’t this bother anyone but me?

If I was Trump, I’d say, “OK people, goodbye. I don’t deserve any of your crap.”

Darlene Bowen



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