Depoe Bay to hire city planner

DEPOE BAY — The city surrounding the world’s smallest harbor is one step closer to hiring a city planner, Depoe Bay city councilors said during a Tuesday meeting, with one candidate flying out soon for an in-person interview. 

“We had a meeting last week for two candidates for the city planner position, and we liked both of them,” said City Councilor Kathy Short. “We did have a face-to-face with a gentleman who lives in Tillamook, and we had another gentleman we had a FaceTime with from Salt Lake City, and we liked him, as well.”

Despite being overqualified for the position because of his experience as an engineer, the Salt Lake City candidate has a lot of planning experience, Short said, and he is interested in relocating. After the last interview, city officials offered to fly him up for an in-person interview at the city’s expense. However, Short added, the candidate preferred to pay his own travel expenses. 

“He’s been through the whale-watching capitol of the world, and he’s excited to transition to this area,” Short said. “He would be flying in in the morning, getting a car and he and his wife are going to look at homes and tour the area, as well.”

The interview is scheduled for later this month, and city councilors hope to make a decision about who to hire soon.

“He has lots of experience with the Utah version of ODOT,” said Councilor Debbie Callendar of the candidate from Utah. “With our south-of-the-bridge project and other things working with the state, he just has years, decades of that kind of experience. He was a very impressive candidate.” 

The position of city planner isn’t the only position that went up for grabs recently. City officials just hired Barbara Chestler for the position of city recorder, and Tuesday night’s meeting was the first regular city council meeting for the city’s newest employee. 

“We’re just trying to wade ourselves around, talk to staff, find out where the city’s at and where it’s been,” Chestler said of herself and the new finance director, Renee Card. “So we’re real pleased. Everybody seems to get along really well, and hopefully we’ll just move forward and not backwards.”


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