Cynthia Jacobi for city council

Cynthia Jacobi has served two years as an appointee to the Newport City Council and is now running for a four-year elected position on the city council. The past two years, she has worked hard to listen to her constituents, understand complex situations and work on collaborative solutions. If elected this November, she will continue to work to make Newport a better place to live and visit.

Cynthia’s priorities on the city council include tackling difficult problems: economic recovery, environmental conservation, equity for all and essentials of life. With these priorities in mind, some of the issues important to her include accessible child care, balancing the need for lodging tax revenue with preservation of neighborhoods, supporting local businesses and furthering the goals of the Lincoln County Climate Action Plan.

Cynthia’s past two years on the council have shown that she is well-suited to serve the residents of Newport. She believes that everyone’s concerns are important and enjoys talking to people. She listens, asks questions, is transparent and works collaboratively to find solutions to problems. These qualities will serve us well on the Newport City Council.  

Vote for Cynthia Jacobi for Newport City Council!

Wendy Engler