Cynthia Jacobi, a proactive public servant

As chair of the Newport Public Arts Committee, I have seen Cynthia Jacobi in action, first as a committee member and now as a Newport City Council liaison to the Public Arts Committee. Cynthia presents her ideas cogently, seeks common ground and understanding, and then, through coalition and consensus building, gets to work making things happen.

Her ideas and actions cover a wide range of community issues. For example, working to provide portable toilets for our homeless population. You and I don’t have to think about where we are going to the bathroom, but some people do. I saw this challenge firsthand some years ago with the homeless who would enter the Newport Performing Arts Center for relief. This was before the public bathroom now at Coast Park.

Another example of Cynthia’s concern and compassion for our citizens involves the economic issues accompanying affordable child care and more child care centers. Perhaps you don’t have children, but many others do. How can a woman or man work to support his/her family without child care and wondering whether their children are safe or not? Our population needs the talents and services of this age group, and whatever we can do to provide more child care will benefit all of us.

An initiative dear to Cynthia is the installation of more electric car charging stations here in Newport. In fact, she has been endorsed by the Oregon Leagues of Conservation Voters on this issue. All indicators point to the reality that electric cars are not only here to stay, but will increase in numbers very soon.

Cynthia Jacobi sees a need and works to resolve it. Let’s have her work on our important issues. She deserves your vote in November.

Catherine Rickbone