‘Cubbies’ learn the game

Gloved-up Miles Vanvarsoot, 6, snagged a pass, above, while joyous youngsters ran to the next football drill, right.

NEWPORT — More than enough kids to fill four rosters turned out for a three-day football camp Aug. 12-14 at Newport High School’s Morrow Field, home of the title-hungry Cubs.

While moms and dads from the Newport Football League delivered Gatorade in cartons or watched from the bleachers, 46 gridiron-minded youngsters learned the fundamentals of the game they hope to play in middle and high school.

Young bodies hurdled into blocking pads while future receivers shagged arcing passes. Someday running backs ran gauntlets of grabbing hands as likely linebackers danced to the whistled directions of an assistant coach.

Newport head football coach Rod Losier said the annual “Cub Camp” offers a football primer for grades one through eight, with kids often squaring-off by size in drills and games.

“They love it,” asserted Losier as an assistant coach dropped a young prospect for five pushups. “They want to be athletes just like their heroes on the Newport High School team. These are the future stars of Cub football.”

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Rick Beasley


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