County takes drastic action with blessing of cities

Kaety Jacobson, chair of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, conducted a meeting via teleconference from Newport City Hall on Monday that included city officials from Depoe Bay, Lincoln City, Toledo, Newport, Siletz, Waldport and Yachats. (Courtesy photo)

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LINCOLN COUNTY — After a weekend that saw an influx of visitors to Lincoln County, there was backlash from locals that extended beyond social media. Local residents were spotted with signs advising visitors to go home, as specified by Gov. Kate Brown during a press conference on Friday, urging people to “stay home, stay healthy.”

Municipal government officials from Depoe Bay, Lincoln City, Toledo, Newport, Siletz, Waldport and Yachats met with Lincoln County Board of Commissioners via teleconference Monday evening. Taking drastic action, the county commissioners, with full support of the city councils, executed an order expanding on restrictions already in place by the governor.

The county summarized essential aspects of the order as follows:

  • State parks are closed by order of the governor. County and city parks are closed to camping except for camp hosts or other persons authorized by the county or city for stays 30 days or longer until the emergency ends.
  • All short-term rentals, defined as rentals of a duration of less than 30 days in vacation rental dwellings or short-term dwellings and homestay lodgings, are prohibited in Lincoln County until the declared emergency ends (April 30) or this prohibition is otherwise ended or modified by separate order of the board of commissioners, whichever occurs first.

 All hotels and motels, RV parks and private campgrounds and similar lodgings or housing not identified above are closed to short-term rentals of less than 30 days except as follows:

  • All pools, spas and other public bathing facilities are closed at lodging properties for the duration of this order.
  • Lodging property owners or managers are required to keep a log of what exception is met by current lodgers. This list will be made available upon request to city and county officials.

 This order takes effect upon adoption by the county. Property owners and managers of properties affected by the restrictions shall take all reasonable steps to terminate current occupancy of any guests not exempted by no later than noon on Wednesday, March 25. No new occupancies in violation of this order may be rented as of 8 a.m. on Tuesday March 24.

This order may be modified, rescinded or extended by authority of the Board of Commissioners in consultation with the cities and local public health administrator. If so modified, a copy shall be provided to the cities of Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Toledo, Siletz, Waldport and Yachats.

More details can be found on the county website: