County Democratic Party condemns Rep. Kurt Schrader comments

The executive committee of the Lincoln County Democratic Party has strongly condemned recent comments by Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-5th District) likening the impeachment of President Trump to “an old-fashioned lynching.”

Newly elected party chair Michael Gaskill, of Eddyville, said, “These comments are wrong and abhorrent. Our country, and my beloved home state of Oregon, have a shameful history of White supremacist violence, and lynching has been one of the key weapons of terrorism deployed against Black people throughout our history. It is
unacceptable that our congressperson would compare holding a criminal and 
treasonous president accountable through legal means with ‘an old fashioned lynching.’”

Gaskill noted that Schrader himself has recognized the 45th president’s conduct as criminal in public statements, and his “lynching”
comments have been met with widespread outrage and condemnation. Schrader’s
spokesperson has resigned in protest, and at least one county party in his district (Polk County) has called for his resignation. Although Schrader has since apologized for his remarks, Gaskill said his apology was an inadequate remedy for the harm caused by his remarks.

“Schrader’s apology is appreciated but insufficient,” Gaskill said. “The congressman must take concrete steps to repair the damage his words have caused and restore faith in his ability to represent the people of Oregon.”

The purpose of the Lincoln County Democratic Party and its executive committee is to promote the interests of the Democratic Party in Oregon and Lincoln County, to work for the election of Democratic candidates, adopt a party platform and work to ensure its principles are reflected in law, and to provide a link between Democratic voters, the Democratic Party and the government.


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