Accused Waldport burglar scheduled for trial

DA says case connected with homicide investigation

NEWPORT — Jack Edward Sigler, the man authorities accused of robbing the residence where Waldport Mark Campbell was killed by an intruder last month, is now scheduled for trial on three counts of first-degree burglary and a single count of first-degree theft.

During a Monday morning early-resolution conference held before Pro Tem Judge Amanda Benjamin in Lincoln County Circuit Court in Newport, Sigler’s court-appointed public defender, Kristina Kayl, told the court she was having trouble receiving discovery from the Lincoln County District Attorney’s office. Discovery is a pre-trial procedure in which both the prosecution and defendant’s attorneys share evidence.

Kayl, who filed a motion Friday, Jan. 8, to compel the prosecution to present discovery, said during the hearing that the investigation of another offense was limiting the DA’s office from providing the defense with further information.

“It is interfering and is part of the issue of getting discovery,” Kayl told the court during the brief proceeding. “And so, we are working a resolution, but I don’t know if the court wants to schedule in regards to that motion to compel.”

Lanee Danforth, who became Lincoln County’s new district attorney at the beginning of the year, replied by telling the court that once a protective order previously discussed by the parties was signed, Danforth’s office was ready to provide Sigler’s defense with discovery. 

On Tuesday, in a phone interview with the News-Times, Danforth stopped shy of naming the 53-year-old Sigler as a suspect in Campbell’s homicide. However, Danforth did say completed discovery had not been presented to the defense as of Tuesday afternoon due to the investigation into Campbell’s murder.

“Because the investigation with the homicide is ongoing, I can’t say that he’s a suspect at this time,” Danforth said. When asked if the homicide case is what was preventing her office from providing the defense with complete discovery, she chose her words carefully.

“I can say that it hasn’t been provided in order to protect the integrity of the homicide investigation,” Danforth said. It marked the first time the prosecution, defense or the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office went on record publicly to state Sigler’s burglary case and Campbell’s homicide are potentially intertwined.

Sigler, who was living six blocks from where Campbell died, is scheduled to return to court at 11 a.m. on Jan. 25 for a trial readiness hearing. His 12-person jury trial was set by Benjamin for Feb. 3-5. The deadline for Sigler to receive a fair and speedy trial is Feb. 7.

On Dec. 9, three days after Campbell’s death, authorities took Sigler into custody at his residence on South Crestline Drive. He’s been held in Lincoln County Jail in Newport on $450,000 bond since his arrest.

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, the 66-year-old Campbell died while confronting an intruder at a neighboring residence where the occupant had recently died. Just after 3:30 a.m. on Dec. 6, Campbell’s wife called 911 to report that Campbell was engaged in a physical struggle with an unknown assailant. 

The probable cause affidavit in Sigler’s burglary case states authorities received information that Sigler burglarized the home where Campbell died at least three times between Nov. 24 and early December. Sigler, according to the probable cause affidavit, admitted to the burglaries in texts on Facebook messenger obtained by the sheriff’s office.

When contacted by law enforcement, Sigler reportedly admitted to the burglaries and turned over multiple items stolen from the residence, but he denied involvement in the incident that cost Campbell his life. Campbell was a multi-term Waldport city councilor.

Detectives additionally obtained messages from the phone of an acquaintance of Sigler. The messages, reportedly sent from Sigler between Dec. 4 and Dec. 6, the day Campbell was killed, asked the recipient to drive him to Portland in order to pawn merchandise stolen from the burglarized property.


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